Azim Premji’s 3 Philosophies for Budding Entrepreneurs


The charismatic, unbelievably down to earth chairman of Wipro Limited who transformed his family business into a highly awarded multibillion dollar company is nothing less than an icon for budding entrepreneurs. Here are some philosophies which helped our Xpert Azim Premji get where he is today.

  1. Don’t Blame the Teacher

Teachers are the ‘architects and developers of society’, writes Premji in an article for India Today, as they are the people who shape the thinking of India’s young minds. While the education system in India is in need of an urgent and comprehensive overhaul, Premji believes that a committed and sincere teacher is a school’s biggest asset. He adds, ‘But over the past decades we have systematically undervalued and underinvested in teachers. How can we have good education if this is the importance that we give to our teachers?’

  1. Integrity Before Profits

Azim Premji believes that life itself “is built on a strong foundation of integrity.” So important is integrity to him that he will uphold it at all costs. At one point, he waited 18 months to get a power substation for a vanaspati plant and operated it expensively on generator power just because he refused to bribe. Our Xpert Premji says, “Whenever you do something, ask yourself whether you will be willing to talk about what you have done to your friends, to your parents, to your spouse without feeling small or guilty… There is also the newspaper test — which means if what you have done gets published in newspaper headlines tomorrow, how will you feel? If you are comfortable with it, that action is fine.”

  1. Act, Don’t Wait

In his address to students at the convocation ceremony of Azim Premji University, he said that a vision without action is “hallucination”, stressing on the importance of turning ideas and thoughts into action. He is also known for saying that success is achieved twice, once in the mind and once in the real world. After all, he would not be half as successful if he left his ideas as mere ideas and didn’t act on them. Premji singlehandedly diversified Wipro from vegetable oils to the information technology giant it has now become.

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