Are You a Left Brain or Right Brain Person?

An individuals' personality is linked to his brain and a person 's nature, attributes, hobbies etc. can be linked to which part of the brain he uses the most


Attempt the Quiz to know which part of your brain you use the most

  1. 1 What do you like to do in your free time?

    Free time is a period when we do activities without any restrictions or be mindful of constraints. The activities we prefer to do in such periods of time help us understand our true nature

    1. Playing any musical instrument or drawing
    2. Solving Sudoku or fun Puzzles
  2. 2 Which one is easier for you to remember People by?

    Remembering people is a tough task. Sometimes the person may be looking into your eyes and you may forget his/her name, but people do tend to remember the people who are most important to them. But how do we remember people whom we meet occasionally or rarely, the technique we embed in ourselves to fulfill this task depends on the part of the brain we use

    1. Their Face
    2. Their Name
  3. 3 Which style of question set is preferable to you on a test?

    All of us have to give tests and nobody likes them. But we have to appear for them though we cannot avoid tests but we can have a favourite format for a test!

    1. Subjective(Long Descriptive Answers)
    2. Objective(Choose from given options)
  4. 4 While sitting in a cross-legged position on a chair which leg is on top of other?

    Such minute details you may overlook or not notice but your brain or mind has already developed a favoured position

    1. Right
    2. Left
  5. 5 While listening to any song, what are you more focused on?

    Music is what connects one to their soul. We listen to songs we like and cherish them for their eternal melody or for the beautifully woven lyrics

    1. Melody/Rhythm
    2. Lyrics
  6. 6 Do you think you have a good imagination?

    Imagination is a key to great experiences. How widely or minutely one can imagine things tells a lot about a persons' capabilities

    1. Yes
    2. No
  7. 7 You judge certain things on?

    1. Feelings or Prejudice regarding it
    2. Logical reasons or deductions
  8. 8 What you will prefer going at?

    1. Art Gallery
    2. Science Exhibition

Are You a Left Brain or Right Brain Person?

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  1. Quiz result

    Left Brain

    A Person who likes to have a mathematical and logical approach to lives tries to have it included in every part of his lifestyle. Solving Sudoku Puzzles, remembering people by names

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  2. Quiz result

    Right Brain

    A Right Brain person is creative and mindful in his approach.Such people adore the beauty and virtue of things rather than wanting to know why it exists

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