Anurag Kashyap- The ‘Hero’ that Bollywood needed but did not deserve.

A small insight into the banality of our film industry and how Mr. Kashyap came and changed things for better.

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Bollywood is an industry which for the longest time was stuck in a vicious cycle of producing mediocrity to eventually suit the mediocre demands of one of the most vast and diverse audience in the world.

We were okay to watch the same old story of ‘guy meets girl’ which would always eventually cut to a song and dance sequence in the valleys of Switzerland.

But alas! The girl’s marriage would’ve already been decided to this cruel cruel man, and now it was our hero’s duty to go and save the day. Not to forgot the flawed and even incredibly sexist concept of having an alpha male leading the movie, while the heroine’s only role was to look pretty in the songs.

We as an audience had acclimatized ourselves into accepting all forms of buffoonery in our country, while we were also very aware of how other film industries around the world had evolved into a much more nuanced and layered art form.

Then came the hero that we could never deserve, but desperately needed. 

While there had always been a ‘parallel’ or an Indie industry running alongside mainstream Bollywood, Anurag Kashyap managed to make the Indie industry come to the forefront.

I remember reading about his life stories and experiences on the Xpert App (Click Here to read) and discovering how he entered Bollywood as a complete outsider by writing for several films like ‘Satya’ and eventually began making his own films.

My experience watching Gangs of Wasseypur was simply exhilarating to say to the least, mostly because my eyes couldn’t fathom that such a layered epic could ever come out of my country.

People in India used to complain that good movies are not produced because the audience expectations are also terrible, but what Anurag Kashyap did was simply raise the level of films possible to be made, and it created a ripple effect. The audience started wanting more, and so came the need for better filmmakers and better writers.

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