Amazing Jay Shetty’s words that might help you change your perception right way!

Jay Shetty is an Award-Winning Storyteller, Podcaster, and former monk who is making wisdom go viral.

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Ever gone through something which made you feel like you are never going to revive again? Ever wanted to get rid of something that got stuck inside your brain for years and years?

If yes, this article is definitely going to help you in some way.

If no, I am sure this will help you at some point in your life or you can help your friends who are going through tough times. So, here are some amazing jay Shetty sayings about life! Have a good day!

  1. 1 May be you finally want to.

    Sometimes, you go through something and it hurts and you don't know if things are ever going to be okay again. But then days go by and you don't feel like crying and you wonder what it means that you're fine. You think maybe you are ignoring your emotions and that they will come back out of nowhere. Until you are driving home from work, singing along to the radio and wondering what you'll have for dinner, and you realize you are happy. Maybe that thing didn't break you because you are stronger than that. Maybe you can survive anything. Maybe you finally want to.

  2. 2 You will heal when you are ready to, not when they say you should.

    Healing isn’t like an on and off switch. It’s a process. And it has its own timeline. This is what you do when you’re healing.

     1. Create a daily ritual that you do with yourself that brings you joy

     2. Surround yourself with caring community offline or online 

    3. Listen to podcasts and read books about your pain

     4. See a coach or therapist if you have access to one

     5. Don’t run away from it but don’t rush it either.

  3. 3 Your best life won't seek validation.

    The most convincing sign that someone is truly living their best life is their lack of desire to show the world that they are living their best life. Your best life won't seek validation. Things don’t just disappear they dissolve with time. Healing is a process that grows and evolves. Allow yourself the space, time, and energy to do so.

  4. 4 Experiences shape you.

    In order to love who you are, you cannot hate the experiences that shaped you. So powerful when you realize this. Everything you have been through has made some part of you and is giving you gifts daily. It may be so you can help yourself, sometimes so you can help and heal others.

  5. 5 You never lack, you just undergo transition!

    The best thing about life is that everything you have ever lost has been replaced with something better. You never lack, You just transition. It’s never easy to move, change, or transition. And we have to do it often in our lives. To make a transition more effective you need to remind yourself that you’ve done it before, have a clear vision - not of where you’re going but what you’re going to do differently. We always try to envision the outcome, not the input.

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