All about singing: Arijit Singh

Arijit Singh is one of those few who made it large with their heavenly voice & yet managed to keep their feet on the ground by staying simple, working hard.


The singer who made his debut from a reality show called ‘Fame Gurukul’ & from there, who took his career to epic levels is none other than Arijit Singh. He is famous due to his participation in such reality shows from childhood & his soul-touching voice kept him always into winning side. He has also gained humongous popularity due to his songs which mostly revolve around love & couple goals.

Arijit believes words such as ‘star’ and ‘celebrity’ are imaginary creations. These words have gained more importance lately, especially in this industry and show business. This, like any other business, is a place where creative people come together to make movies or music. So, nothing has really changed it’s still the same. He said in an interview that still enjoys a quiet and simple life the way he used to before. In his Xpert opinion, the actual journey lies between reality shows and playback songs. Reality shows give you the recognition to survive in the industry only if you are dedicated to what you want to accomplish. After there’s no reality show — it’s just reality. 

He was so dedicated to the music that he utilized the prize money of a reality show to build-up his own music studio. This level of determination & hard work is the key to open yourself the doors of success in this music industry. He believes that performing in front of huge crowds is a challenge in itself but it certainly brings a huge wave of love & adoration from the fans & music lovers. The only thing one has to focus on is the performance, the music quality one is going to cater to the audience. He also states that fame & admiration can affect an individual’s performance. The popularity is a potion that can harm a good person’s mind. One has to neglect all such distractions and concentrate on what work he’s good at.  
We all know about the success the music industry has to offer through Arijit’s expensive charges for different songs & albums but very few know the struggle, the determination & the preparations behind it. These are the things which justify his fees for a particular live concert or a song. Here as well, it goes without saying that singing is an art & being extraordinary is very much important in order to succeed due to huge competition. Hence, it can be concluded that passion & love towards art is what creates an extreme level of determination & one has to carry that throughout his career in order to survive in this profession called ‘Singing.’

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