7 Top Inspirational Quotes by Atul Kasbekar that will Foster Your Creativity

Learn how to be more creative from quotes of Atul Kasbekar


  1. 1 "If you are creative and like beautiful things it helps. Not to forget practice makes your art perfect. It's also important that you enjoy what you do. This profession is driven by passion. Your confidence in the craft matters."

  2. 2 "You have to make the person feel like they are the most important thing in the world for that moment. Focus all your attention on her to bring out her beauty."

  3. 3 "Sometimes you should just savour the moment instead of recording it. In fact, some of my best memories are in my head, and they are not necessarily on camera. I think people get too obsessed with it. Once in a while, you should give yourself a bit of a detox."

  4. 4 "I strongly believe that if you are an artist then you need to be aware of all the arts out there. So if you are a photographer, you must be aware of cuisine, architecture, and design. I am not into clubbing so I definitely visit the museums, interesting restaurants. And shoot little slice-of-life things."

  5. 5 "You never want to be a Coca Cola bottle, there are millions of them and you can’t tell the difference. That’s my idea of beauty; you need to be different to be memorable"

  6. 6 "The key is to have a deep sense of interest in other arts. I think cooking, painting and sculpting are great arts. You should be mindful of what’s happening in these arts across the globe. I strongly recommend Pinterest, which is a great source of inspiration."

  7. 7 ”I have always believed that no typewriter writes a novel by itself. Similarly, equipment is only a means to an end. What you do with it is up to you and can be credited to the life experiences that you have had.“

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