7 Times when A.R.Rahman Inspired me

The one music director who seems to be the most favourite when it is about getting "inspired" is none other than Oscar winner A.R. Rahman.

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Everyone wants to get inspired by their ‘idiol’ in life. To work as they do and get influenced by them. With me, also i got much inspiration from my idiol A.R.Rahman. He is truely an inspiration to all of us by the work he had done and the way he look towards life.

So here are listed 7 times which will give you an insight of how all of us get inspiration from A.R.Rahman.

  1. 1 Listen to your inner voice

    "Your strongest influencer has to be your inner voice" says A.R.Rahman. We need to understand ourself what we can do,what are our capabilities and how to do it and this can only be done when you give time to yourself sitting in a peaceful place.

  2. 2 Respect towards his nation

    Receiving any of his awards he never forgot to thank his nation. After receiving OSCARS he says," I am happy because this is the first OSCAR for an Indian work and the whole country was waiting for this with bated breath, this is a Collective Indian Victory ". This shows how his patriotism is evident in all his patriotic songs including "Jai Ho" and "Vande Mataram".

  3. 3 Work is Worship

    A.R.Rahman success story will make you know how his dedication towards his work make him achieved various awards and accomplishments. He praises his work that one should learn from him. Mani Ratnam aptly sums up his level of focus and says, "AR knows what he wants and he doesn't stop until he gets it. He's very focused and doesn't stop until he gets it. If he feels his music is not upto scratch, he's not going to let it go until he's satisfied with it."

  4. 4 Have a Passion Statement in your life

    Unless there is no passion in your life, there will be no dedication and commitment to succeed.One should have that Passion to achieve something in his life. Reaching the international masses is the result of precisely this passionate streak in Rahman. Krishna Trilok says, "For anyone who thought Indian creativity couldn't match the imagination of the West, AR dispelled all doubts and went on to win Oscars and Grammys and collaborated with the likes of Mick Jagger and Andrew Lloyd Webber."

  5. 5 Unfollow the page of Criticism

    When one become successful and attain popularity there comes a situation when people criticise you, judge you make you put down but, with a strong will power you can overcome all these minor hurdles, and prove yourself with your work.

  6. 6 Never Underestimate Yourself

    Never try to underestimate yourself. You have all that capabilities that you can create a new world. Never say to yourself that i can't do this and that but have confidence on yourself that you can. Once someone has pushed you into the deep end, you don't have a choice but to swim. But you may not always have someone to push you. So learn to take the plunge.

  7. 7 Connection with infinity

    In an interview Rahman said, "Each one of us find inspiration in our own way. Some find it in the mentor, some in the goal. For me, it is the connect with infinity." Being spiritually connect is a way of living life full of hapiness and subract negativity. Spirituality has not only made him connect to his music, but has also made him connect to humanity. He also says "I don't think I can create the kind of music I do, if I don't practice spirituality."

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