7 times Shreya Ghoshal inspired us

Different ways in which Shreya Ghoshal has been an inspiration to us


Shreya Ghoshal is a leading Indian playback singer, composer and music producer. She has a massive following in India and worldwide. Below are the 7 ways in which Shreya Ghoshal is an inspiration to all of us-

  1. 1 Deciding your aim or career goal early in life

    Shreya Ghoshal developed interest in music from a very young age. She started formal training in music right from the age of 6. By the age of 13, she had decided to pursue a career in music and shifted to Mumbai. Soon after she started working in albums and jingles. This teaches us that we should be clear about our goal and start working towards it early on in life.

  2. 2 Importance of versatility


    Shreya Ghoshal is an extremely versatile singer. She was trained in classical music and that is her forte. But she never stuck to it. She performed all types of songs be it classical, pop, ghazals or item songs and excelled in all of them. This way she never allowed herself to get type casted by music producers and directors. Thus she taught us the importance of being versatile and being open to all kinds of opportunities in our career.

  3. 3 Being adaptive and fast learner

    Shreya Ghoshal is a multilingual singer and one of the very few singers who sang in 7 Indian languages including Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Bhojpuri and Malayalam. She has a unique way of rehearsing. When the lyrics is dictated to her she pens it down in Hindi and uses her special notations and markings to indicate the pronunciation of the words. This has helped her in mastering compositions in so many languages.

  4. 4 Staying grounded even after tasting success

    Often people become overconfident after becoming successful and this results into their complacency. They tend to take lesser risks and become monotonous. But Shreya Ghoshal was not one of them. She worked hard even after she became successful and was always a risk taker when it came to her selection of music. We learn from her how to remain humble and continue working hard even after you taste success.

  5. 5 Focusing on a single goal in life and working hard towards it

    Shreya Ghoshal had chosen music as her career at a very early age and always focussed on it. At an age which most children spend playing, she spent her days rehearsing music and honing her vocal skills. She had to travel a long distance every day to get trained in classical music from her tutor Mahesh Chandra Sharmaji. Even after so many years into the industry she rehearses in a disciplined manner with the same dedication. When she was offered a role in movie she turned it down because she wanted to focus only on music. She is an example that if we focus on a single goal in life and strive towards excelling at it, then success is bound to follow.

  6. 6 Rising above criticisms


    Although Ghoshal has received mostly positive reviews about her songs but some have even criticized her voice. Some critics felt her voice screeched when she sang higher notes. Others said that her high pitched voice was interesting but it took time to get used to it. But she took criticisms positively and tried to work on them. She taught us the importance of taking criticisms constructively and learning from them.

  7. 7 Being responsible towards your audience

    Shreya Ghoshal’s item song ‘Chikni Chameli’ became very popular. She received few song offers after that which were of the similar genre. But she turned down item songs after Chikni Chameli because she did not want to drive home wrong message to her audience. She felt as an artist she had certain responsibility towards the millions of people who follow and idolize her. Thus, we should  consider the consequences of our actions and act responsibly.

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