7 times Namrata Soni inspires me for self-love and be independent

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  1. 1 Making cash > knows how to cook

    why is six-figure salary so underrated and making food is so overrated? My mother always says you should be independent in every field of life. It's good if you know how to cook food but it's even better if you have enough money to hire a chef for yourself. Namrata Soni struggled to be a female makeup artist in the male dominating makeup industry twenty years ago. There was a law forbidding women working as a female makeup artist in India when she started her career, she fought for it. Her beliefs, "we live in a secular country and no one can tell us what we can and cannot do for a living". Since the inception of the industry in the 1950s, It has been a norm and nobody was willing to challenge it. She refused to accept this and not even just confronted them but succeed and won the case and it was time for a female artist to shine.

  2. 2 Believe in yourself > Covering real you

    Namrata Soni inspires me, makes me believe that we should try to be comfortable in our skin because thousands of cosmetic surgeries won't make us fall in love with ourselves. I believe that our body is exactly what we chose to have when we decide to incarnate this time. Don't alter it to please someone. Be happy to be you.

  3. 3 Not everyone can wear Red :')

    This is the most rubbish myth people have, Namrata says 'There is a red out there for everyone, you just have to understand your skin tone and your undertone'. If you are a yellowish or greenish tone, a red with a lovely orange undertone will look beautiful. If you have a bluish pinkish undertone, then a red with burgundy or wine would look amazing on you. Don't go through life without trying a red lipstick!

  4. 4 women are weak they need help < They need support

    well we are not talking about lifting weights here, we can do that as well. When we are talking about strong, powerful women I would like to share why Namrata Soni is so important to me, a strong woman loves challenges and is brave enough to accept challenges. Being in an art field can be very challenging and competitive for anyone. She has worked with so many actresses in Bollywood, but she has worked closely with Sonam Kapoor. They started their career together, working with her helped her experimenting new and trying new things because she believed in her skills which helped her grow. Support is the only thing we women need.

  5. 5 Makeup makes you look beautiful < Makeup enhance my beauty

    Sorry to burst that bubble for you Nothing can make you look beautiful because you are beautiful, can we for once start believing that? Namrata Soni has been a great inspiration to me she changed the definition of makeup for me, we women are all beautiful with or without makeup. Her words "Makeup is always about skin as a celebrity makeup artist my favorite look is NO MAKEUP LOOK" she believes that makeup is not supposed to cover your natural face your beauty, Makeup can sure do wonders because it is an art but makeup should enhance the real you, your natural self and not cover you. Being beautiful is not our only powerful asset.

  6. 6 Never fall for " MY MONEY IS YOUR MONEY SWEETY", Earn it!

    Please don't fall for this trap, Ladies! if you're not earning it you are asking it, If you're asking for it you're begging it. we can decide what we want to do we have the rights we can dream, why don't we use them. If we are strong, capable, powerful, and independent people. Also men will be the ones benefitted by that. Remember there was a group of women who fought for the freedoms we enjoy today! we should at least respect that.

  7. 7 Products makes me attractive < Inner beauty does

    All the pretty girls out there, Listen products won't make you attractive. Your inner beauty will. The way you care about yourself, the way you are passionate about yourself and the work that will make you unique and attractive. You make make-up look good on you, Make-up alone doesn't make you look good. Just be confident take care of your posture you can even slay in mascara.

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