7 things you must know to make your Smartphone immortal!!

It is not very uncommon to see people dying, but the same has not be case with your tiny rectangular babies around which most of your world revolves.

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I know you love your phone, why not show some real love by knowing how to give it the power of Thanos?

  1. 1 You have been charging it all wrong.

    Once upon a time there were phone batteries which had to be charged 0-100 for longetivity but thats history. The status quo has changed rapidly, modern days batteries the case is reverse. Charge it for shortest cycle as possible and don't let it fall beyond 10. Thats the mantra.

  2. 2 Carry a power-bank.

    Seriously this is not monetisation post, where i ask you to get something. Nada, this is where i am telling you to carry one power bank, why? It is impossible for most of us to be near charging socket for all time, hence we charge our devices full to 100%, but carrying a power bank will help you counter this and also, will lessen your anxitey about it. Power banks are cheap so you can easily replace it when it goes faulty.

  3. 3 Very important, Use your own charger.

    Yes, this is the most important thing. Most of us charge our phones with anything that fits, ignoring the physics behind it. Feel life is too short to fuss about charger, exactly same how your phone feels when you charge it with wrong ones. Also, read about burning phones this is one of primary reasons, apart if you got yourself Note 9.

  4. 4 Dust- the enemy no 2.

    Thats why i always recommend using a case. It is multi purpose, protects the phone from falls and dhuul, mitti. Ask any Chipmaker, yes the processor powering your device, and they will tell you how Dust can reduce performace of Microprocessors and sometimes, even causing them to faulter.

  5. 5 Keep it cool. Enemy no. 1 is here.

    Not a personality thing, but yeah your Cool device needs to stay cool for it to be at its best. Again, heat kills performace by thermal throtling. Ever thought why Pubg lags when you do a long session? The culprit is "thermal throtling Guy" who happens to be best friend with Heat. There bond is stronger than Fevicol bond. Further more, heat kills battery longetivity too.

  6. 6 Show that you care.


    Not just for maintaining relationship, but for your device too, the tip is valid. Don't throw it around,show some love, shower it with care, and beakups will be the issue of the past, unless your partner or the phone maker is the culprit. I repeat, not all phones are made to last, just like your Ex.

  7. 7 The Most important tip.


    There isn't, i just made it up because 7 is my lucky number and also, i am too lazy to write 141 tips. Not done, free me itna hi gyaan milega. Buy me beer and pizza, and then i will see. JK, this will be it, and if you follow up the tips mentioned, i assure your phone can be like Nokia 1100, the undestructable. Thanks for reading, you guys are awesome, share it as much as you can, so i might not have to ask strangers for free food and drinks on the internet.

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