7 things everyone must learn from Saina Nehwal

Saina Nehwal, the most accomplished badminton player in India, has made several girls of India see dreams. Here's what I have learned from this wonderful personality


Saina Nehwal is not just any other Badminton player. She is the pride of our nation. Nehwal is the only player who won over 24 international titles, which includes eleven Superseries titles. Saina Nehwal became the first Indian Women’s Single to scale up to the historical World No.1 Ranking. let's dive into her journey and learn from this successful woman. 

Passion is the fire that will lead you to success:- 

Ms. Nehwal says 'one who found his passion has cleared half the journey'. She believes the person living with a passion to achieve something is living their life in a fuller way. 

Live with a fighting spirit:-

She believes that everyone who has seen a dream must have the courage to fight for it. There might be times when the whole world will be against you, then you must have to take the charge of your dreams and fight to fulfill them.

Perseverance is the key:-

Perseverance and hard work are the keys to following our hearts to achieve everything that we desire to become. Nothing is impossible for those who have perseverance and do a lot of homework to achieve their dreams.

Start right when you have dreamt of it:-

Procrastinating your actions towards your dreams is the worst you can do to yourself. start from a tiny dot, yes it will take time but one day for sure you will reach the pinnacle. 

Quit the fear of losing:-

Why most people do not reach success because they fear what if they would be a failure. They fear their decisions. They are afraid of other people’s criticism. They want to see perfectionism in whatever they do. They do not want to take risks. Everyone loses at one point or the other in life. But we should learn to overcome our fears of failure.

Feel happy about what you doing:-

It is your dream and you are working to make it come true. You should feel ecstatic every time you are doing something to achieve your dreams. That sense of happiness will drive you to achieve something greater than your dreams

Don't quit your dreams so easily:-

There will be times when you will feel demotivated and think that the results are not coming the way you thought them to be. You will feel like quitting your dreams and engage yourself in other tasks. And that's the point where you actually lost. Believe in yourself if you have come this far you can reach the endpoint as well. Work harder than before but just don't quit.

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