7 Myths About AB de Villiers’ Sporting Busted!!


Everyone has definitely heard a word or two, about the sporting prowess of Mr. 360, AB de Villiers. A jack of all trades, and perhaps the master of them too,  this man proved to the world that excelling in a multi-faceted way is entirely possible. Yes, his scientific calibre won acknowledgement from the late Nelson Mandela himself, and his musical interests are also not a secret to many. 

Now, there have been reports doing rounds that the legendary ABD, though most successful in cricket, has feathers in his cap through his achievements in other sports. The lists have been way too magnanimous and have exaggerated the facts. Being the honest man that he is, ABD has clarified all these rumours through his autobiography – AB de Villiers: The Autobiography.

Here are some of the sport rumours refuted by AB de Villiers…

  1. 1 ABD was South Africa’s Under 19 national badminton champion

    He mentioned it himself - "I never played badminton at school. If my memory is correct, I have only ever played one game of badminton in my entire life, and that was just a fun game with (former South Africa wicketkeeper) Mark Boucher."

  2. 2 ABD played for, or was short-listed for South Africa’s junior hockey team

    Here's the truth - “I played hockey for one year at high school … but I was never short-listed for the national hockey squad, or ever came remotely close to that level.”

  3. 3 ABD was short-listed for South Africa’s junior football team

    He says - “I have never played any organised football. We used to kick a ball around during break at school and the game has become part of the Proteas’ warm-up routine. That is all.”

  4. 4 Mr. 360 was the captain of South Africa’s junior rugby team

    “I never represented South Africa (in rugby) at any level … and was never captain.” That's what he says...

  5. 5 ABD held six national school swimming records

    He says - “As far as I recall, I did set an Under-9 breaststroke record at Warmbaths Primary School but I have never held any national school swimming records, not even for a day.” We must admit that he is a talented swimmer, though.

  6. 6 ABD made it into South Africa’s junior Davis Cup team

    He says - “I did play tennis as a youngster, loved the game and was occasionally ranked as the national No.1 in my age group.” Now that's impressive, whatsoever!

  7. 7 ABD plays off a scratch handicap in golf

    The truth - “I did get my official handicap down to a respectable one when I was 15 (years old) but there’s not much time to play golf these days and my handicap has drifted to nine.”

    Refer to AB de Villiers here: https://www.xpert.tv/profile/?xprt=ab-de-villiers

    With reference to the report by FOX News : https://www.foxsports.com.au/cricket/ab-de-villiers-busts-myths-about-his-prowess-at-other-sports/news-story/e72d640ccccb35b579128cd147ecaa4d

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