7 Mantras of life by A. R. Rahman which Inspired me.

Here are 7 inspiring quotes from music legend and spiritual personality A. R. Rahman who is inspiring the world with his music, vision and thoughts.

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A. R. Rahman, the music legend has inspired me alot from not only its hearfelt music but from his life story and excellence which he share with us. As I love singing and after listening to musics of A. R. Rahaman,one can really feel that depth of music which really heals us. He not only inspired the world with his soulful music but is also inspiring young minds by becoming youths icon to motivation and guiding how to follow your passion.

So here I had shared 7 mantras of A. R. Rahman's life which really inspires me and make learn more from him :

1- Believe on God :

One should always believe on God and have faith that whatever happens is for some purpose and god is with us. So as Rahman believes in god always and embraces Spirituality as a Way of Life which has not only made him connect to his music, but has also made him connect to humanity.

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2- Be Passionate :

Finding your passion and pursuing it relentlessly is the key to succeed. Reaching the international masses is the result of precisely this passionate streak in Rahman.

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3- Always stay connected with your family :

Rahman has always loved, respected and adored his parents. The quality which distinguishes Rahman from all others is that he never forgets his actual identity, his roots.
His major success lies in working from his home. Home is where your heart, mind, body and soul is.

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4- Let your work speak for itself :

We should always focus only on doing our work and output will be seen as our result. At the peak of his career when Rahman was being humiliated by some critics, directors and producers over the kind of music he had scored, he could do nothing about it, and preferred to remain calm and unmoved.

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5- Success through Excellence :

These days today’s youth want to achieve success in the shortest span of time. For this success they search different ways but forget the main thing, ‘excellence’. The most relevant thing which one can learn from Rahman’s story of success is "excellence is the shortest way and long-lasting way of success".

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6- Pause and Reflect :

A big lesson to be drawn from the maestro's life is his ability to pause for a few moments when everything around seems completely out of order. Instead of getting frustrated when your environment and society criticise you, you should remail calm and give time to get set back soon and start from beginning.

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7- Work should have Quality over Quantity :

Many of us have this misconception that the more hours we spend at the workplace the higher our productivity will be. But often the quality of our performance gets compromised. So try and try yourself work untill you get your desired output.

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All these qualities make him what he is today, ‘apple of everybody’s eye’. These qualities are in A.R Rahman’s story of success is undoubtedly inspiring, especially for today’s youth who want to achieve success without getting to the core of it.   

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