7 Life Changing Quotes From Gaur Gopal Das That Will Change Your Vision Towards Everyday Life.

Here are 7 inspiring quotes from the motivational speaker cum spiritual leader Guru Gaur Gopal Das who is inspiring the world with his vision and thoughts.

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These are the 7 quotes drawn out from the speech of the monk who is a mentor for youths in India and abroad. 

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  1. 1 His take on 'self discipline'.

  2. 2 Its easy to point out to 'others'. Here's what he has to say

  3. 3 What does it takes to be a 'leader'? A leader of any sphere. Here is what he says about leadership.

  4. 4 When in doubt or a moment of chaos. He has a solution to it.

  5. 5 How thoughts play role in deciding our progress in life? This is what he has to say.

  6. 6 Circumstances in life do not bring out our true potential or define who we are. He says what actually defines us is the 'choices' that we make under different circumstances.

  7. 7 Values form a part of our lives. Here's how he puts it.

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  1. Hello Roopal. I loved the way you wrote the whole listicle. So much of motivation at one place. The small description below every quote is just so precise. I want you to add more of the description part, as it influences more people and people come to know about your views. Anyways, loved reading this. 🙂

    1. best wishes .., Best quotes of Gopal Das you selected. loved all 🙂 i like his voice , narration of the stories. there are few Quotes on ‘Hope’ also, if you had included those, added Decoration to Listicle, Images you selected were Awesome especially Doubt or Moment of Choas one.

  2. What a beautiful post! The titles for each quote are crisp and coherent. The pictures added to the listicle make the entire article more engaging and interesting. The quotes are well picked and well presented. Well done. Indeed an inspiring article!

  3. Never came across any of his quotes before, these were definitely eye opening. I’m reading this listicle from web and I’ve noticed some of the images do not have clarity. This could be fixed next time as visuals play an important role.

  4. Wonderful write up on a wonderful person! The pictures used along with the quotes were so calming to read. The simplicity and humor in his words inspire us to be a better version of ourselves.

  5. Gaur Gopal Das was a great sant as well as nice author ,I had learn his novel “Life’s Amazing Secrets”in which he describe how to find balance and purpose in your life into four different parts :-personal life,relationships,work life,social contribution .what a amazing book & amazing stories.

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