7 Interesting Facts You’ve Never Known About Bhuvan Bam!


One of the most prominent YouTube celebrities among the youth, Bhuvan Bam has his own past and his own story. Success never arrives in a day, however it is a product of consistency and assurance in your determination. Indeed, that is valid. In any case, no one can tell what life is going to bless you!

And so, here we present you with 7 amazing and interesting facts about Bhuvan Bam that you were unknown to and would love to know.

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  1. 1 Relationship with Music

    Bhuvan Bam's first priority has always been music. He held a dream of Bollywood since his early childhood. His full-time priority was music and kept his education as a part time stuff. He also worked as a musician in a local restaurant for 8-12 hours every day. Even after facing a drop down in financial conditions, he managed to buy some musical intruments and learnt to play them through YouTube which showed his immense love for music.

  2. 2 The Accidental YouTuber

    When he bought himself a new Nexus phone, he simply wished to check its front camera. So for this, he recorded a general video and posted it over his Facebook timeline. Surprisingly, it went viral! This motivated him and he started his new YouTube channel BB Ki Vines and uploaded a few videos. Eventually, he gained success in that.

  3. 3 Hurdles in His Journey

    Everybody stood against his profession. His relatives, friends and neighbors asked him to stop this "nonsense" as they didn't really like it at all and were against it. Also, they asked him to get some degree and a decent job. However, his parents supported him as they believed that his profession gave him happiness and satisfaction and that's the most important thing.

  4. 4 The Shiv Sena Calls

    During those days when several things in India were getting banned, Bhuvan made an uncensored song which had obscene language but was based on reality. This video went viral. On this, Shiv Sena started to threaten him on phone calls that either the video will remain or Bhuvan will be alive.

  5. 5 The Fox Star Studios Incident

    Soon this matter cooled but this video caught the attention of Fox Star Studios. So, the company reached out to him and recorded a total of 10 songs with him in a week and eventually, rejected all of them. Also, taking an advantage of a big brand name, Fox Star Studios didn't even pay him.

  6. 6 The Unknown Case of Dr. Sehgal

    Dr. Sehgal is one of his popular series of BB Ki Vines. In reality, Dr. Sehgal is actually a doctor who has his clinic just next to his house. Of course, Bhuvan had several funny incidents with him, though, he is no way similar to the on-screen Dr. Sehgal. According to Bhuvan, he has just used his name for his character and feels guilty for the same.

  7. 7 His Amazing Characters

    Bhuvan Bam has created many fictional characters to weave his stories. All these characters have their own traits and unique personality, accent and style. Bhuvan Bam aka BB is the protagonist. Bancho or Banchordas Chhatriwala is the closest friend of the Bhuvan Bam who literally repeats the word ‘bancho’ in almost every sentence that he says. One very famous character is Sameer Fuddi. He is a cousin of Bancho who speaks in a confusing manner. Mr. Hola is the friend of Bhuvan Bam’s father. Other few characters are BB’s mother, Babloo Ji, Mrs. Verma and Dr. Sehgal. All of his characters relate to his real life and are simply amazing.

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