7 interesting facts about Bollywood celebrities- listicle


You might not be a die hard Bollywood fan, but these interesting facts regarding our Bollywood celebrities would definitely force you to steel a moment out of your packed schedule and you may take a new-found interest in Indian film industry after reading this .

  1. 1 Shahrukh Khan owns property on the moon

    One of Shahrukh Khan 's fans from Australia buys him a piece of land on the moon from Lunar Republic Society on his birthday every time. And she has bought him several acres on The Sea of Tranquility which is one of the most sought-after address on the moon

  2. 2 Half of Afghanistan's air force for Amitabh Bacchan's protection

    During the shooting of Khuda Gawah, Afghani president provided Amitabh Bacchan with his country’s air force for protection. It was the most watched Indian film in the history of Afghanistan.

  3. 3 Amir Khan got drunk vodka for 'Raja Hindustani'

    Amir Khan has never been in the habit of drinking. But perfectionist that he is , he actually consumed one litre of vodka before shooting the song ‘Tere ishq mein naachenge’ in Raja Hindustani to deliver the scene as drunk character

  4. 4 Alia Bhatt wears mens perfume!

    Alia Bhattwears mens perfume
    Admittedly, this is surprising as well as weird. You have all the choice in the world to get the best women perfume and you chose men perfume. Wow!

  5. 5 Akshay Kumar made his portfolios in front of the wall of luxury houses

    For modelling, Akshay Kumar needed a professional portfolio and due to lack of money, he was not able to manage the cost of it. So to build his portfolio, he with his photographer planned to click pictures in front of the wall of luxury houses. He was once asked by watchmen to stand aside from the wall and now that house is owned by Akshay Kumar.

  6. 6 Kangana got dirty secrets

    Well, not dirty that way but just unhygienic. Kangana Ranaut hated showers and skipped them often. When she studied about Vivekananda she understood the importance of hygiene and started maintaining cleanliness around.

  7. 7 Priyanka Chopra's love for junk foods

    . One look at Priyanka Chopra 's fit and ever-toned body, and you would be green with envy. Especially, when you'd come to know she never holds back on any junk food. Priyanka has gone on record admitting she has been blessed with skinny genes, and never curbs her sweet-tooth pangs or pizza cravings.

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