7 inspiring quotes by Gaur Gopal Das to make your life better

Motivational quotes and relationship solutions by Gaur Gopal Das to make life simpler and you better.

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Gaur Gopal Das is a Morden monk, motivational speaker, and life coach, known for his unique way to deliver a speech. He is an Electrical Engineer and was an employee at Hewlett Packard before starting his life journey as a monk.

  1. 1 Look at Yourself, not others


    We keep comparing ourselves with others. We all compare our marks, salary, gadgets even our children, isn't it?
    When two couples meet, wives look at each other's sarees/dress and husband look at each other's wives. Which one is more beautiful ?! Always comparing.
    Doosre ki thali mein ghee jayada hi dikhta h, that's just a human tendency. But what comparison leads to? It leads to jealousy, envy, and insecurities. Start looking at yourself and mind your own business and you will observe that jealousy or envy can no longer control your mind and actions.

  2. 2 The Okra Principle

    While cutting fruits or vegetables, if a small portion of that produce is rotten, do you throw out the whole produce even if the rest of the part is perfectly usable? Some of you may say yes but most of them will not, instead, they will delicately remove the spoiled part and will use the remaining for their prep. Then why do you cut off the whole relationship just because of some faults? Unlike vegetables, relationships are priceless, why not accept people for their good side while delicately dealing with their weaknesses.
    Anyone could find dirt in others, Be the one that finds gold.

  3. 3 Don't React, Respond Instead


    In life, people or situations will provoke you, it's your choice whether you want to become a soda can and burst out or want to remain calm even when pressurized just like water.

  4. 4 Change Your Vision to Change Your Life

    When going through a helpless situation in our life, If we see it from a negative perspective, all we see is chaos, but when we look at the same situation from life's point of view with a positive attitude, we see our life taking shape. Just like a piece of cloth with embroidery, when we look inside, all we see is a mess of colourfull threads tangling with each other. But when looking at the other side, that tangling threads pop out to be a beautiful design.  

  5. 5 Don't Give Up on Yourself

    Remember, London is 5hr ahead of New York that doesn't make London fast and New York slow. Your time will come, be patient. Don't hurry and Don't worry. You are neither early nor late, just on time.  

  6. 6 Your Network is your Net-worth

    Your network is your net-worth. Hang out with the right people. People who are honest and not fake. People who point out your weakness and help you in uplifting them, that doesn't mean surrounding yourself with people with a negative mindset always criticizing others. No, be with the people who appreciate your strengths and state your weakness as well.   

  7. 7 Gossip, Ignore it


    What is the fastest spreading six-letter word? The fastest spreading six-letter word is 'GOSSIP'. How to stay away from it? Here are the 3 filters you can use. Three questions to ask the person before listening to their gabs. This is something I had applied in my life and had made my life much simpler.

    1. Is it good or bad? If it's bad don't listen to it unless you can help the person.
    2. Is it true or false? If not verified, pay no attention to it.
    3. Is it beneficial to you or to the other person? If not, don't bother to lend your ears as it's sheer gossip.


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