7 Inspirational Quotes by Sania Mirza That Will Change Your Perspective Towards Life

Sania Mirza is an Indian professional tennis player. A former doubles world No. 1, she has won six Grand Slam titles in her career.


Sania Mirza is a pioneer of women’s tennis in India. She is truly an inspiration for not just sportspersons but also to the youth of the world. She has showed that no matter how many hardships come our way, if we have the passion and determination to work hard towards our goals, then we will surely triumph. 

Here are 7 inspirational quotes by Sania Mirza that will definitely motivate you: 

  1. 1 “A life without dreams is not worth living.”


    Rightly said Sania! It is essential to watch dreams with open eyes and convert them into goals. If we are living without an aim, we are just existing, and simply existing can be pretty monotonous, you know!

  2. 2 “Relish challenge of defying all odds stacked against you.”


    Coming out victorious from a situation when everyone knew that you would fail has its own joys. Winning despite tough situations is what makes you stronger, as it is really easy to succeed when the odds are in your favour!

  3. 3 “Everybody has the right to form their opinions and I have the right to ignore them.”


    Sania rightly pointed out that there will always be people who will comment on whatever you do but it is up to us weather we let those words affect us or just keep moving forward. As they say, haters gonna hate!

  4. 4 “As long as I am winning, people shouldn't care whether my skirt is six inches long or six feet long.”


    Even in todays age, there are still some people who judge a woman by the length of her skirt, which is just alarming! As long as she is comfortable in her skin, it shouldn’t be anyone’s business if she wear a skirt or a saree. 

  5. 5 “As long as you are having fun, I think you are doing the right thing.”


    We all have one life to live, so why do something which is not giving you any happiness? 

    Its essential to live everyday to the fullest and enjoy each second without regret. And as long as you are doing that, don’t worry about what people are saying!

  6. 6 “You sound disappointed that I’m not choosing motherhood over being number one in the world at this point of time.”


    This comment by Sania Mirza proves that not every woman defines “settling down” by marriage and motherhood. Every indivisual has aspirations for their life and just because people expect us to conform to the societal norms, doesn't mean we have to!

  7. 7 “For some reason, every time I peak in my career, I injure myself. So, I'm constantly on the comeback trail.”


    Life lesson for everyone! Just because you succeed at something, doesn’t mean that you are never going to fail again. You need to keep working hard and improve our craft everyday, if you want to stay at the top!

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