7 facts said by mukesh ambani which can make you rich as him !

You must know the sentences which Mukesh Ambani revealed in an interview with xpert app.

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  1. 1 Ambition

    Mukesh Ambani told about ambition is that "I don't think that ambition should not be in the dictionary of entrepreneurs. But our ambition should be realistic. You have to realise that you can't do everything. Unlike a whole lot of other guys, we are patient. Both Anil and I are 34-35 years old. We have another 25 years of demonstrating to the world at large, to say what we are up to".

  2. 2 Why he is so defensive ?

    He said that "I think it's basically..well, a whole lot of good friends, including professionals we respect, have said let's do some image building, sab log gaali deta hai (everybody curses us). We always said ki no bhai".

  3. 3 His strategy

    In terms of figuring out the right strategy, or media at a particular point of time we just didn't understand that. At that point in our business it was not important. Our attitude ever since 1984-85 has been: If we are real villains in the eyes of the people, we can't help it, If we really believe that this is the right way to go, ultimately we'll win.

  4. 4 His key terms for framework.

    He revealed that "The First element is our philosophy of value creation. As Reliance, we will first focus on what societal value we create. After societal value, we will focus on creating customer value, followed by employ value, and finally, sustainable shareholder value. within this framework we have broken them into sub-components. We have financial management system, which define how we deal with all the finance and regulatory pieces. We have a people management system, which defines all components starting from the entry-level to our group-level leaders to the executive committee and how do we bring all of them together. We have an operations management system. Operationally, we have digitised our whole business. And, we have a set of corporate standards and behaviours, which, to my mind, institutionalize the Dhirubhai philosophy in our management systems. His philosophy is timeless. Now, we feel comfortable that the process and the institution of Reliance will last beyond us. Jio is born with these managing systems already in place".

  5. 5 He said About Dhirubhai.

    There is only one Dhirubhai. I am a very small part of Dhirubhai. For us, his spirit is timeless. It will continue to inspire and guide Reliance beyond me. He had given me a mandate and it is very satisfying to fulfil it. He had told me that the process of Reliance should last beyond you and me. I have seen the journey from when we raised Rs 1.8 crore to today when we can afford to spend Rs 2,50,000 crore on our energy and digital businesses and still have one of the strongest balance sheets in the world. That satisfies me. Reliance will always be Dhirubhai's Reliance.

  6. 6 Massive investment

    I believe that humanity is at the doorstep of massive change and we are just at the beginning of the information and digital age. And, in the next 20 years, in a networked society, we are going to have change much more than we have seen in the last 100 years. It's really digitisation and the digital world that is going to lead this. From an India point of view...India cannot be left behind in this revolution. As we saw the year 2012-13, India is 150th in the world in mobile broadband penetration as well as quality. And Jio is really conceived to change this position.

  7. 7 Best investment opportunity right now.

    This digital infrastructure I think is a very good investment. For me personally, we made this investment just to make sure that the youth of India, which is still the bulk of India India, as you know, is a very young country - - is empowered, and they have an equal opportunity to not only prosper themselves, but to contribute to this new world. "And that was really our main reason. And that's why we took very high risk. As time has passed, this looks pretty good even business-wise.

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