7 Diet Hacks by Rujuta Diwekar to Help You Get Fitter Faster

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With the likes of Kareena Kapoor Khan, Anil Ambani, Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan and Saif Ali Khan as her clients, Rujuta Diwekar has indeed made a place for herself as a celebrity nutritionist and nutrition Xpert. She helped Kareena get her ‘size zero’ figure for the movie Tashan (2008). It was also in 2008 that she started her blog Rujuta’s Gyan and wrote about dieting, health and food. She has authored at least six books on topics like superfoods and weight loss. Here are some of the Xpert’s fitness tips and common food fads that you shouldn’t fall for.

  1. Fasting is not the way to go

Nutrition Xpert Rujuta says that the worst way you can go about trying to lose weight is by skipping meals. Rather, she advises, eat eight to nine small meals throughout the day, as this will prevent hunger and overeating during mealtimes.

  1. Snack healthy

Let’s face it, we all feel peckish for snacks at odd times, but instead of depriving yourself from eating, snack on healthy food such as nuts, fruits or salads.

  1. Eat fresh food as much as possible

Try and avoid processed food and food that has been reheated too many times as food loses nutrients this way.

  1. Don’t follow the 4-litre or 8-litre rule

Contrary to popular belief, Rujuta discourages you from following water drinking thumb rules as everybody’s water requirements differ and drinking a lot of water at one go is unhealthy.

  1. Unless advised, avoid artificial sweeteners

Rujuta says ‘sugar is natural. Why replace our natural with someone else’s natural?’ implying that artificial sweeteners may not be as good for you as they seem.

  1. Don’t start with intense workouts

Rijuta advises you to start with a few stretching exercises to get the blood flowing even if you are doing a low-intensity workout. It prepares you for a better workout, and also prevents sprains and injuries.

  1. Tipple with your meal

If you fancy a glass of wine or other liquor, Rujuta says you should have it with your meal and not before or after. It also helps control how much you drink.

At Xpert, we aim to make learning from the best free. Learn how you can improve your health through healthy eating from Rujuta Diwekar, our Xpert on Nutrition. In her masterclass series on Xpert she talks not only about healthy eating, she busts the myths about dieting and fitness and also helps you prepare a diet plan for yourself. Become one of many others eager to watch a masterclass series on nutrition from her by signing the petition here. Sign up and reserve your seat today!


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