“7 influencing messages of Shovona Karmakar “.

Shovona Karmakar is a freelance commercial photographer based in Mumbai, India. With a keen eye for design and visual arts, she .

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  1. 1 Shovona is a victim of abuse and bullying .

    Her complexion was a hazard to her life.She lost morale but never hope of doing something great and artistic.

    Well,to those who failed to see her beauty then can clearly pitty selves .

    Beauty lies within ourselves,someone from outside can't tell us What beauty defined.

    And being comfortable in our own skin prevails  beauty.

    Color is not the parameter to judge beauty.Every color is beautiful,every skin is beautiful.

    You are delightful!


  2. 2 Born in Uttar Pradesh to an African mother and a Bengali father.

    Her composotion is great ...Can you imagine UP and Africa as one.

    Very charming and Appealing!

  3. 3 Her father had wanted her to become a doctor while her mother wanted her daughter to be an engineer

    Yess ,we all could relate that our parents want us to become a doctor or an engineer but crossing their words and achieving the goals is what makes you Pleasant.

    So,convince your parents ,beg for a chance and make it happen.

  4. 4 She performed a 365 self-portrait project from the year 2010 to 2011 where she clicked heself every single day portraying different aspects.

    Woahhhh, Does her dedication compels you to step out and Work for your dream😋

    Let's bang and grab the opportunities!

  5. 5 She joined a college, of Design and arts but left in the midst.

    1. Yess ,Her photography 📸 speaks..... through this picture we know her life where She risked a year but that one decision got her to the cliff.

    Life might not go straight but where you wanna lie you gotta decide.🥰

  6. 6 She thought herself to be ugly and tried all fairness creams.

    The society judged but she never lost her will.

    She inspires!

    She judged herself,doubted her,grown as an introvert but stayed strong.😇

    What we all have to face one day is rejection and failure but we gotta stand.

  7. 7 She suffered eve-teasing,been called with names like maggie,afro,nigga and more

    We all were given names and made fun of ,we did care that time and got affected.

    Her journey counsels you to ignore the shit going around and just being confident.

    She inspires,She motivates,She guides ,She just confesses To Follow your dreams.


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