5 top anime for beginners to watch

If you have chosen to watch anime and have no idea from where to start from then here are some top anime which you can watch.


  1. 1 One Punch Man

    One punch  man is  written by an artist called ONE. It was released on 2015. One Punch Man is about saitama, who faces day to day common problems which he makes it very interesting. He doesn't care about who win the fight, he defeat everything with a single punch because of this he always finds a lack of worthy opponents to fight with and  is bored of everything. Saitama does not have mystical background,does not have cool  hairstyle rather does not have hair at all. This is a action comedy anime. Upto this date it was considered as top anime all over the world. if you're new to anime world then I strongly recommend you this anime.

  2. 2 91 days

    91 days anime aired in 2016, This anime is about revenge, thriller. This famous anime revolve around a young man named Angelo Lagusa who seeks avenge for the death of his family by killing the murderers Vincent Vanetti who is from a vanetti family a well known mafia family. This anime has only 12 episodes  which is small compared to other anime. Even though it is short it is an extraordinary anime.

  3. 3 Death Note

    Death Note is a supernatural crime anime. This was released on 2006 This top anime is about fight against morals and reasoning. A boy named Light Yagami finds a notebook which he can use to kill criminals in japan and arround the world. Eventually the world notices him and he gets the attention of the world's best detective named L . L. The show is wholly very good all those battle, plot twist, strategies everything is simply amazing. You should definitely give it a try.

  4. 4 Erased

    If you love thriller and psyche genre, you don't wanna miss this out. This top anime has got suspense, thrill, revival, it has got all, this was released on 2016. This is an exceptional anime based on time travel, a young man named Satoru Fujinuma is sent back in time 18 years to prevent some life threatening events, allowing him to prevent these tragedies from happening and save the day. This has one of the best screenplay.

  5. 5 Attack on Titan

     Attack on Titan categorized as an action and dark-fantasy anime, has been welcomed by anime fans all over the world since the first season which were released in 2013.Attack on Titan are popular worldwide partly because the unique characters including Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman who fight against the strange gigantic creatures. There are three seasons in this anime and  fourth season of the anime is yet to release, which is the final part. This top anime has a bit of everything for entire anime amateurs, scares, thrills, and chills, each episode races along at a lightning-quick pace and features action sequences.

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