5 Biggest and most successful political parties of India

India is the land of largest democracy in the world. Its diversity is its power and uniqueness. These are the most successful political parties of India.


The best thing about democracy is that everybody has the right to express and the freedom it provides. India being a democratic country has got very vast population and diversity. Due to this there are several political parties each having its own clan. But every political party is not successful when it comes to numbers. There are though few political parties that is also the national parties and the most successful parties of all time.

  1. 1 Indian National Congress

    It is the first party of India and till date the most successful party in terms of numbers. Well, seeing the current situation, most of you will not agree with this fact, but the history says it all. Founded by A.O Humes in 1885, it is the longest serving political party of India. Congress has played an important role in the freedom movement of India. Some of the great leaders of all time is from this party for eg:- Jawaharlal Nehru, Mahatama Gandhi, Sardar Vallab bhai Patel and this keep going. The current president of this party is Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. This party has given the most number of Prime Ministers till date. Congress started loosing its ground since 2010 when BJP was the major strorm and is out of power since 2014. It though has its governmnet in several states.

  2. 2 Bharatiya Janata Party

    Bharatiya Janta party a child party of RSS was found in 1980. Its root are much older and traces back to 1951 with the formation of Bharatiya Jana Sangha. In 1980 finally it broke into two factions with one being BJP. Currently it is also the ruling party in central govenment with Narendra Modi as its leader. It is a national party of India identified by election commission of India. Some of the big names associated with BJP are Murli Manohar Joshi, Lal Krishna Advani, Atal Biharee Bajpayee and ofcourse Narendra Modi. Narendra Modi is considered the most successful politician of this party. 

  3. 3 Bahujan Samaj Party

    Bahujan Samaj Party is also being regonised as the national party by election commisssion of India. It was found by Kashi Ram in 1984 and was intended to represent the voices of Backward classes along with SC,ST. This is not as successful in national politics as other parties in the list but, is one of the moajor party of UP. Mayawati is the current leader of this party after Kashi Ram himself. She has also served as the Chief Minister of UP several times with last taking office in 2007. 

  4. 4 All India Trinamool Congress

    Founded in 1999, this is a child party of Indian national Congress. It's current and forming leader is Mamta Banerjee who is also the chief minister of West Bengal since 2011. It is the 5th largest political party in terms of its Member of parliament. It is a major force in the state of West Bengal. Mamta Banerjee is also the first woman Chief Minister of West Bengal. With West Bengal going in election next year a lot is left to see. This party is mostly active in state politics and has not been that successful in national politics.

  5. 5 Communist party Of India

    Communist party of India is the first communist party of India and also the oldest communist party. CPI was formed in 1925 and was influenced by the communism in USSR and its leader Lenin. The leader of this party was very impressed by the ideology of Lenin and formed this party soon after his death. It is one of the few national parties of India but has been mostly active in state politics. D. Raja is the current general secretary of CPI.

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