10 secrets to a blissful life by Gaur Gopal Das


 We keep searching for the wisdom that can guide us to a blissful life. We all search for answers that can help us to decode the purpose of life. Well, here are some of the amazing life secrets by Gaur Gopal Das that will surely help you in your quest of happiness in life.

  1. 1 The most selfish one letter word to avoid: 'I'


    'I' stands for expectations. It should be avoided. We should be realistic in our expectations. The more you want for yourself, the frustated you become. The more you wish to give, the happier you are.

  2. 2 The most satisfying 2 lettered word : 'WE'


    'We' implies togetherness. People have a great time only when they are together. One cannot enjoy the life alone.

  3. 3 The most poisonous three lettered word: 'EGO'

    'Ego' challanges togetherness and cooperation. We should replace the' ego' with humility

  4. 4 The most used four lettered word: 'LOVE'


    'Love' is selfless. When we experience the love of God in our heart, the same love manifests itself as compassion and concern for the people around.

  5. 5 The most pleasing five lettered word: 'SMILE'

    'Smile' increases the face value. When we have the faith of God within us, we can always smile.

  6. 6 The fastest spreading six lettered word: 'RUMOUR'


    'Rumour' should always be ignored. It snatches the peace from us.

  7. 7 The most hardworking seven lettered word: 'SUCCESS'


    'Success' comes through tremendous hardwork, determination and patience.

  8. 8 The most burning eight lettered word: 'JEALOUSY'

    'Jealousy' gives rise to envy and takes the happiness away from life. Therefore, it should be avoided. One must try to replace jealousy with compassion and love.

  9. 9 The most powerful nine lettered word: 'KNOWLEDGE'


    'Knowledge' is power. Human being should pursure two kinds of knowledge: 'Aparavidya' , one that helps to earn a living and 'Paravidya' , which is the spiritual knowledge. A combination of both helps in living and understanding life.

  10. 10 The most divine 10 lettered word: 'CONNECTION'

    'Connections' need to be built  to lead a happy life. We should be aware of the process of staying connected. The more we connect to each other, the happier our lives will be.

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