10 Facts you never known about OLA


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  1. 1 Services provided initially.

    It was started by two IITians Bhavish aggarawal and Ankit Bhati. They originally started as an off trip company which would providw weekend trips to the customers.

  2. 2 Place of providing services

    The company began in a 10 * 12 feet room in mumbai. But now it has grown to a significant network across India.

  3. 3 Early-on struggle

    While travelling from Bangalore to bandipur Bhavish rented a car which resulted in a bad experience. The driver demanded renegotiation of what he was paying. Refusing the deal the driver abandon him and en route from his destination. It made him think that his problem is similar to the customers who were looking or better quality cabs. but initially, he faced many problems. His parents disagreed thr idea. In the starting stage, Bhavish used to take the photographs of the driver and using this approach he used to drive the car. His co-founder Ankit Bhati used to code for 48 hours. Instead of renting the cars he made the partnership with taxi industries and added a modern technology by adding an ola app to it.

  4. 4 Owning A Cab

    Although they have provided better quality cabs to the customers, the CEO still don’t own a car.It was the pledge made by him along with his wife. Bhavish, chief executive officer of Ola is a big fan of iPhone and currently, owns iphone6 and an iPhone tablet.

  5. 5 Logo

    Ola’s original logo was like this: ~ it consists of alphabets inscribed in small letters, where Ola and cabs were written in blue text. Below this slogan, they mentioned ‘book cabs and Car Rentals Online!

  6. 6 Detail about cabs

    Ola has a massive network of 450000 cars which is so large that when arranged in a single line it will cover the distance from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.Today Ola has 750000 rides per day.Ola has 80% share of the India ride-sharing market.Average distance covered by Ola is 45 million km per day.Ola has started a new low-cost service which is in rival to the Uber’s low-cost service which is nothing but Ola micro.Ola micro is far much better than ola mini.It costs less than Ola Mini. The fare is Rs80 for first 4km and then Rs10 for subsequent for 1km.

  7. 7 Names of driver

    1. In Ola industry, the most common names of the drivers are Ramesh and Suresh.Survey reports state that the name Ramesh comes (approx)3079 times and Suresh comes (approx) 2016 times.
  8. 8 Religious policies

    1. They never ask about the religion and caste of the drivers. According to the documents the customers don’t have the right to ask about the caste and religion of the driver.
  9. 9 Unicorn club

    This association has entered the Unicorn club in a quicker manner.

    So, you have read comprehensive information all about Ola Cabs and understood the hardships that they have undergone to become a giant leader in the market.

  10. 10 Service provided by ola drivers

    In a day, the total distance covered by all the vehicles on the Ola software is nearly 43, 40, 717 km. Even the distance covered by the Earth to complete an orbit around the moon is only 43, 40, 71 km or even less.The distance is ten times the distance between  Earth and the Moon.Ola provides a low cost service with the introduction of Ola micro to it’s customers.

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